River Rafting Trips

Hermit Long

Nice? It’s the only thing. Believe me, there is nothing-absolutely nothing-half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

-Water Rat to Mole, Wind in the Willows

The Water Rat wasn’t kidding. Running rivers is one of my favorite outdoor activities. Rivers carry us peacefully, soak us in exhilarating rapids, move us through a landscape that is often inaccessible otherwise. Rivers are truly the veins of the land, and after time on one, it can feel as though the river water flows in your own veins as well. Rivers give us access to the greatest classrooms in the world, where rock layers are laid bare, life clings to the banks or marches up the mountains, and you follow in the footsteps of pioneers and explorers wherever you go. Life on the river is enchantingly simple and beautiful, although it can be challenging at times. Your days and your schedule are reliant upon the weather, the water and the other creatures and people with whom you share the river. Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about life on the river is that you become a tribe, a clan with your fellow travelers. You rely on each other, help each other, come to know each other as friends and family. From Ecuador to the Arctic, I have honestly never met a river I didn’t like!

You can join me on one of my scheduled trips, or if you have enough interested people (the required number varies from river to river) we can create a special trip just for your group. Keep in mind that you will want at least a year’s advance time to create your own trip.

Alaska: The Alsek, Tatshenshini, Kongakut and Noatak Rivers

The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River

The San Juan River

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