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Comments About This Earth Programs

“…I received invaluable resources and training that I have been able to carry back to my seventh grade science classroom.” Terry Rhodes, Science teacher, McNabb Middle School, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

“You really helped me understand the Grand Canyon better!” Shebani, Arizona seventh grader

“We learned so much and you opened our eyes to things we never would have noticed.” Caroline, Arizona seventh grader

“I will never think the same way about science again.” Max, Arizona seventh grader

“It was so much fun trying to find clues to help us figure out the environment.” Asher, Arizona seventh grader

“I learned a lot, like with those fossils from the sea, how you could figure out where they lived in the ocean.” Olivia, Ohio fifth grader

“Sometimes people cross your path that forever transform your understanding and appreciation of something and Christa gives that experience in geology. Good interpretation should grab you by the lapels and take you to a place you are dying to go. Christa does it effortlessly.” Dennis Reason, Interpretive Trainer, Xanterra Parks and Resorts, Grand Canyon, Arizona

“I would love to learn more about fossils and how to become a geologist!” Michelle, Ohio fifth grader

“Enjoyed the lecture and field trip and learned lots. Was nice to know what I was looking at when hiking out of the canyon! My curiosity about geology in this region has been awakened.” National Park Service ranger, Grand Canyon National Park

“You taught me it is really fun to go new places and keep on going.” Melissa, Ohio fourth grader

“The docents learned a great deal and many of them told us that ‘now it all makes sense.'” Director of Education, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagsatff, Arizona

“I liked walking on the dinosaur footprints.” Brandon, Ohio second grader

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“I really like how you showed us a lot of stuff about dinosaurs.” Holly, Ohio second grader

“Several teachers commented on the quality of the presentation in terms of content, grade level focus and ability to enthuse the students. Several kids now want to be a paleontologist!” Director, Resource Center for Environmental Education, Flagstaff, Arizona

“I learned so much about fossils. You taught me how to determine the environment the living organism lived in.”
Logan, Virginia tenth grader

“Class trips such as these combine academic goals with additional features of building class unity and teaching important life skills.” Alexis Marsden, seventh grade science teacher, Phoenix Country Day School, Paradise Valley, Arizona

“…a truly fascinating program, exploring geology and the history of the earth through fossil identification, the classification of rocks and the study of geographical (sic) time periods. Among the many activities involved in this program was a river trip in which students went whitewater rafting along the Cumberland River to observe the geological significance of rivers and erosion. It was, without question, one of the highlights of the summer.” Jason Collins, high school student, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

“Her enthusiasm for rocks and fossils reached the entire class! She’s a great instructor.” National Park Service ranger, Grand Canyon National Park

“Your fossil talk at the Guides Training Seminar was bright, lively, fun, instructive and stimulating.” Rona, participant at the 2006 Grand Canyon River Guides Guide Training Seminar