Wilderness Travel

I have a hard time sitting still indoors for too long. Take me outside, however, and I can sit and contemplate a mountain or a river for hours. There’s something about being in the wilderness that makes the landscape’s stories come alive and make sense. Something happens to people in the wilderness. They discover the best of themselves. They learn they are compassionate, funny, helpful, caring, adventurous. Wallace Stegner put it best when he said that out there we learn we are “part of the natural world and competent to belong in it.” I lead trips in the wilderness because I like to see this transformation in myself and in the people with whom I travel. The stories make more sense, the world makes more sense, life makes more sense out there.

I work with a variety of different outfitters and organizations leading hiking and backpacking, river trips, sea kayaking and van tours, all with an educational focus. I do not run my own company, and instead prefer to work with well-known organizations (check out the price of insurance these days and you’ll understand). I have an established relationship with these groups, and can design and charter specialty trips for a group, or you can join me on an existing trip. I work in some of the most beautiful places on Earth, from the Baja California desert to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau, and on up to Alaska and the Arctic. Come on along!