Earth Science Education

glen canyon
This Earth brings Earth science and natural history programs to schools and organizations around the United States, and provides field and classroom based Earth science exercises, programs and field trips for students from kindergarten through college and beyond. I’ve traveled around the United States to offer programs in classrooms and college labs, in the field and in the lecture hall. I’ve worked with public and private school students and outdoor professionals, teachers and the interested public. Through the use of an extensive collection of real and cast fossils, rocks, media presentations, hands-on activities and interpretive and educational aids I pursue the mission of helping open the eyes, hearts and minds of students to the extraordinary history and future of our planet and all its creatures.

The formats of the programs offered by This Earth are as varied as the subject matter itself. I can bring activities and presentations to your classroom, school, or organization, create field trips to discover the geology and fossils of your local area, or design labs for older grades and teachers. If your school or group has the ability to come to my area, I can design field trips, lectures and labs for students of all ages about the landscapes of the Colorado Plateau and the Grand Canyon.

Check out my sample programs to see how we can explore This Earth together!