Life in Stone: Fossils of the Colorado Plateau

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This beautifully illustrated book written for the general audience tells the story of the ancient life that inhabited the region of the southwestern United States known as the Colorado Plateau. Beginning over a billion years ago, we follow the story of life from the earliest single-celled bacteria to the abundance and diversity of life that we see today (including a large section on the region’s extraordinary dinosaurs!). This region is recognized as one of the finest earth science laboratories in the world, and the discoveries that are being made here are answering questions, solving mysteries and making connections that help us understand the history of life worldwide.

The book contains more than 120 illustrations, including full color maps, photographs, drawings, dioramas, tables and charts. This is a great book to have along if you’re traveling through the region, or if you are simply interested in the story of life on our planet. Published by the Grand Canyon Association. Life in Stone was one of three finalists in the adult design category for the 2006 Benjamin Franklin Book Award. Life in Stone received a five-star review from in their geology section.

The new updated edition includes several more pages with new images and information about recent fossil finds in the region.

ISBN 0-9938216-81-3
Paperback; 8 x 7.5 inches; 72 pages;
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