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christa sadler

My name is Christa Sadler, and I'm an educator specializing in the Earth sciences. Of all the natural sciences, these seem to me to be the hardest for people to get their minds around. Whether outdoors in the wilderness or indoors in the classroom, geology and its related subjects have all too often been made so complex and technical that students of all ages are lost in jargon and big concepts.

For me, there is nothing more fascinating than figuring out how our surroundings got to look the way they do, who lived here before us, and what the future might hold. All one needs are some very simple tools and ideas, and a whole world is opened up. With open eyes and minds, there's no telling where we will go in exploring, learning, understanding and respecting our planet, its history and future. This Earth goes indoors and out with people of all ages to discover the intricacies, mysteries and beauties of our planet. Please make yourself at home and have a look around.


Earth Science Education

We brings Earth science and natural history programs to schools and organizations around the United States.
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Natural History Writing

Natural History Writing

The purpose of my publications is to tell the stories of the Earth and our place on it.
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Wilderness Travel


I lead trips in the wilderness because I want to help foster the human connection with our planet.
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This Earth Press Publications

We are a small publisher specializing in natural history and the human experience with the Earth.
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